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5 Lessons from Generating 30,000+ Webinar Registrations in 2017

By | Business Feb 14 2018

The world is changing faster than ever. Which means marketing strategies used only a year ago don’t work anymore. You simply need to adapt fast or you will lose the battle for customers attention. So what does it take to create a profitable Facebook ads campaign in 2017?

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and generating over 30,000 webinar registrations and multiple 6-figures in revenue, I’ve noticed the patterns that the most successful campaigns share

So here’s the breakdown of 5 most important strategies you need to win with Facebook ads in 2017.

1. Warm up the traffic before you start pitching them


Your number one goal should be creating as many custom audiences as possible. That means you have engaged following of people who are interested in what you are talking about.

The content you are going to serve them with should be relevant and easy to digest. If they trust that you can help them (you proved that with the content) the audience will be much more susceptible to your pitch on the webinar.

Best practice: Keep people on Facebook and start your relationship with them there.

There are 2 benefits to that:
1. Cost effective — Facebook want’s to keep people as long as possible on their platform
2. Easy for customers — Human inertia — you need to give them the easiest possible way to consume your content otherwise you will lose a lot of them

Run a video ad to large audience and retarget people who have seen the video

2. Work your webinar title

Your webinar title will give you more registrations than any other marketing method. It’s simple as that.

Your webinar title needs to reflect what your target market is already thinking — and it needs to convince them that they will get the solution to their problem on the webinar.
Make it irresistible so they wonder “How can he give that information for free”

Best practice: find out what bugs them the most — and break the pattern by claiming to solve that big issue on the webinar

You know what they say, the best-selling books of all time are the ones who sold a dream with their title (Ex. How to win friends and influence people)

3. Behavior retargeting is a must

We said that tip number 1 was to create as many custom audiences as you can — now you need to make the most out of them.

Each step in your funnel represents a certain level of purchase intent. Your main job is to learn how to push people from one funnel level to the next one. 
And leveraging Facebook ads is the way to do it.
If you master it, it will change your perspective about FB ads forever.

You need to match people’s emotions on the stage of the funnel where they are and give them what they need to get to the next step.
This is even more powerful because you will establish your authority position by knowing how they feel and how to respond to what they need in every moment in their journey with your brand.

Remember: It’s about the journey with your brand, not the final pitch that matters.

4. Relevancy score is the most important metric

With saturated market today — relevancy is the most important aspect of your marketing. Your message needs to be relevant to your market, and relevancy score shows you how well did you do.

The relevancy score is the numerical result of your market-message match.

This is a huge number. It shows you what kind of message your market is responsive to.

Ads with high relevancy scores can and should be used in all other marketing channels you are using (it tells you what messaging works for your market)
On the technical note, high relevancy scores will affect you CTR and CPM which means you’ll get cheaper clicks -> ultimate goal of PPC advertising

When you relevancy score is good you get more registrations

5. Video ads are blooming

Video ads are perfect in 2017! They are at their peak of performance now. Facebook usually show in your news feed 8/10 posts are videos. Facebook also did a great job with transitioning their platform to video content.

You videos, if done correctly, should look like they are native part of news feed and they will attract the attention of the people better than the image (because audience is able to get the content they are interested in without doing anything)

It’s also proven that visual explanation is much more powerful than with words because we as a human receive much more information through our eyes than any other senses.
Videos are great because the audience can feel your brand and you can connect with the prospects on a deeper level.

That’s it! 5 most important strategies for successful Facebook advertising in 2017!
Here are some unexplored opportunities:

Messenger bots:

Businesses using it are getting ridiculous numbers. They are one of the most promising channels for the future. We are still in the testing phase and learning how to send people from the bot to the webinar funnel. We don’t know yet how effective this channel is for the webinar funnels.

Facebook video funnel:

The main idea here is to keep people on the Facebook with video series. They will be shown a sequence of videos based on videos they have already viewed. This way you can warm up the leads seamlessly and in theory, the audience should convert better on the webinar — we are still testing this hypothesis.

Instagram stories:

Facebook’s newest advertising channel. This is great because there isn’t a lot of competition and the ads aren’t that intrusive. If you have an offer that can be visually described, I encourage you to use it.

Instagram ads:

They still haven’t reached its full potential but it’s getting there. There is a lot fewer people compared to Facebook, but it could be used profitably. The biggest hurdle is that people have much different state of mind compared to Facebook, so you need a different approach to attract the attention and the click.

If you are not getting the results you want, focus on first 5 lessons that are proven to be working right now.

If you want to expand even further — try and test the unexplored opportunities. I will keep you posted about the results we are getting with the newest channels.