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5 Lessons from Generating 30,000+ Webinar Registrations in 2017

By | Business Feb 14 2018

The world is changing faster than ever. Which means marketing strategies used only a year ago

Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Connecting with Consumers

By inspire | Uncategorized Dec 05 2017

When orchestrated properly, Facebook ads will stop readers in their tracks, entice them to click through to your landing page and ultimately, drive <

What Most Companies Get Wrong with Paid Facebook Ads

By inspire | Business Feb 20 2017

Facebook advertising represents a fantastic opportunity for marketers. In September 2016, the total number of Facebook advertisers had reached 4 million — this figure was 3 million only six months before!
Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, attributes this gro

Is Your Ecommerce Website Ready for International Sales?

By inspire | Ecommerce Dec 22 2016

Ecommerce sales are ramping up in the United States, with consumers doing more than half of their shopping online, according to ComScore and UPS. But the U.S. isn’t the only country seeing explosive growth in online sales; research from eMarketer predict's that global ecommerce sales

These 7 UX Mistakes Could Be Killing Your Ecommerce Conversions

By inspire | Copywriting Dec 02 2016

UX mistakes come in all shapes and sizes, and even a seemingly normal design element could be a glaring issue to a customer on your site. I’m sure you can recall a time that you were browsing for a local store on your phone and wished there was a click to call integration. Or, encount

Do You Have a Product… Or a Business?

By inspire | Conversions Rate Optimisation Nov 17 2016

Releasing an ebook or selling a service is a great achievement. But a lot of digital entrepreneurs believe that’s all there is to being in business.

Having a business means more than having a single product. It means committing to continuous sales funnel development, and to bein

5 Steps to Launching a Profitable Google Shopping Ads Campaign

By inspire | Conversions Rate Optimisation Nov 15 2016

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the best time to expand your product advertising in e-commerce, which includes Google Shopping campaigns. According to RKG’s Digital Marketing Report, these types of product listing ads consistently demonstrate improved conversion rates

10 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Re-Capture Customers

By inspire | Uncategorized Nov 11 2016

You and I have never actually met, and I’ve never seen your e-commerce store, but I guarantee you’re losing money. Every day, a number of people who visit your online store abandon their carts before completing their purchase.

Want to know how many people are leaving?


Thinking Ahead: Is Your Ecommerce Business Ready for Cyber Monday 2016?

By inspire | Featured Oct 16 2016

More consumers are shopping online than ever before. According to one study from UPS and comScore, consumers now do more than 50% of their shopping online. You can expect this figure to spike during the holiday shopping season, and you can reap the rewards of this boost in on

8 Great Corporate Snapchats to Follow

By inspire | Food for thought Oct 13 2016

You probably fall into one of two camps. You might believe Snapchat is a fad, silly memes and lusty Lotharios looking to send a few risqu? photos to their special someone. (You are wrong, by the way.) Or you believe it to be the second most powerful social media platform in the U.S. beh